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LBT at the Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation 2004 Meeting

June 2004 - Glasgow, Scotland
Sponsored by the SPIE, The International Society for Optical Engineering


LBT Overview Papers at the SPIE 2004

5489-42 - The Large Binocular Telescope Project, J. Hill and P. Salinari
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5492-11 - An Overview of Instrumentation for the LBT, R.M. Wagner
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LBT Instrument related talks at the SPIE 2004

5489-100 - The acquisition, guiding, and wavefront sensing units for the Large Binocular Telescope, J. Storm, W. Seifert, S. Bauer, F. Dionies, T. Fechner, F. Kraemer, G. Moestl, E. Popow, S. Esposito, P. Salinari, J. Hill.

5489-114 - Active optics and force optimization for the first 8.4-m LBT mirror, H. Martin, B. Cuerden, L. Dettmann, J. Hill
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5490-16 - Integration and test of the first flight AO system for LBT, S. Esposito, A. Tozzi, A. Puglisi, P. Stefanini, E. Pinna, L. Fini, P. Salinari, J. Storm.

5490-64 - Last developments on the loop control system of AdOpt@TNG, A. Ghedina, W. Gaessler, M. Cecconi, R. Ragazzoni, F. De Bonis.

5490-90 - LINC-NIRVANA: How to get a 23-m wavefront nearly flat, W. Gaessler.

5490-94 - Sky coverage for layer oriented MCAO: a detailed analytical and numerical study, C. Arcidiacono, E. Diolaiti, R. Ragazzoni, J. Farinato, E. Vernet.

5490-130 - LINC-NIRVANA: mechanical challanges of the MCAO wavefront sensors, R. Soci.

5490-136 - Can we use adaptive optics for UHR spectroscopy at the LBT?, Sacco et al.

5490-153 - Numerical simulations studies for the first-light adaptive optics system of LBT, M. Carbillet, S. Esposito, A. Riccardi.

5490-175 - LINC-NIRVANA: the single arm MCAO experiment, S. E. Egner, W. Gaessler, T. M. Herbst, R. Ragazzoni, D. R. Andersen, H. Baumeister, P. Bizenberger, H. Boehnhardt, S. Ligori, H. Rix, R. Soci, R. Rohloff, R. Weiss, W. Xu, C. Arcidiacono, J. Farinato, E. Diolaiti, P. Salinari, E. Vernet-Viard, A. Eckart, T. Bertram, C. Straubmeier.

5490-187 - The adaptive secondary mirrors for the Large Binocular Telescope: a progress report, A. Riccardi, G. Brusa, M. Xompero, P. Salinari, R. Biasi, M. Andrighettoni, D. Gallieni, S. Miller, P. Mantegazza.

5490-192 - LBT adaptive secondary units construction: a progress report, D. Gallieni, V. Anaclerio, A. Ripamonti, R. Biasi, M. Andrighettoni, D. Veronese, W. Ponzo.

5491-13 - Scientific potential for LINC-NIRVANA observations of galactic nuclei, Eckart et al.

5491-42 - Interferometry on the Large Binocular Telescope, Herbst and Hinz.

5491-88 - LBTI, a nulling and imaging interferometer for the mid-infrared, Hinz. 5491-102 - Deconvolution methods for LINC/NIRVANA data reduction, B. Anconelli, M. Carbillet, M. Bertero, P. Boccacci.

5491-166 - The fringe tracker detector of the LBT LINC-NIRVANA beam combiner instrument, Beckmann et al.

5491-167 - The LINC-NIRVANA fringe- and flexure-tracker: PSF- and atmospherical differential piston simulations and determination algorithm, Bertram et al.

5491-171 - A fringe and flexure tracking system for LINC-NIRVANA: basic design and principle of operation, Straubmeier et al.

5491-182 - Image reconstruction from LBT LINC-NIRVANA data, Schertl et al.

5491-207 - LINC-NIRVANA testbed Fizeau interferometer, Andersen et al.

5492-40 - The LINC-NIRVANA interferometric imager for the Large Binocular Telescope, Herbst et al.

5492-59 - LUCIFER status report, summer 2004, Mandel et al.

5492-66 - The cryogenic MOS-unit for LUCIFER, Hofmann et al.

5492-78 - LUCIFER: status and results of the hardware testing, Seifert et al.

5492-92 - The LINC-NIRVANA cryogenic interferometric camera, Bizenberger et al.

5492-97 - LINC-NIRVANA warm optics: combining the needs of the interferometer and MCAO system, Xu et al.

5492-125 - Cooling of ground-based telescope instrumentation, the LINC-NIRVANA cryostat, Laun et al.

5492-145 - Optical design of the high-resolution spectrograph for PEPSI at LBT, Woche et al.

5492-153 - The multi-object double spectrograph for the Large Binocular Telescope, DePoy et al.

5492-162 - The double prime focus for the Large Binocular Telescope, Ragazzoni et al.

5492-163 - Optical alignment of the LBT prime focus camera, Diolaiti et al.

5492-189 - An image motion compensation system for the multi-object double spectrograph, Marshall et al.

5492-213 - Large Binocular Camera: the final acceptance tests of the blue channel, Speziali et al.

5493-20 - The large binocular camera image simulator, Grazian and Fontana.

5495-11 - Modal analysis of giant ground-based telescopes: large binocular telescope experimental tests, L. Miglietta

5495-65 - Handling and transporting the 8.4-m mirrors for the Large Binocular Telescope, W. Davison et al.

5496-10 - UML modeling of the LINC/NIRVANA control software, W. Gaessler.

5496-53 - The development process of the LUCIFER control software, Juette et al.

5496-54 - LBT double prime focus camera control software, Di Paola and Baruffolo.

5496-63 - LBT-adopt control software, L. Fini, A. Puglisi, A. Riccardi.

5499-33 - The MPIA detector system for the LBT instruments LUCIFER and LINC-NIRVANA, Ligori et al.