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Other Reports and Publications:


1. Speckle masking interferometry with the Large Binocular Telescope
T. Reinheimer, K.-H. Hofmann, M. Scholler & G. Weigelt
Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement series, Vol. 121, January 1997, 191-199.
PDF file 970kB



1. Translation of: Study of the Thermal Control of the Primary Mirror
Macchi (translated by Anna Rosa Lampis) (3-88)

2. Code V Analysis of Columbus Optical Systems
Domenico Bonaccini, Arcetri
(May 1989)

3. Thin Film Technology for the 8 Meter Mirror

4. Feasibility Study of a Pumping System for a Vacuum
Aluminizing Chamber for the Columbus Project

5. Modal Analysis of Large Binocular Telescope Spider: Final Report Firenze
(December 1994)

6. Interferometric Imaging Tests for the Large Binocular Telescope
S. Correia and A. Richichi, 2000 Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, 141, pp. 301-311
compressed Postscript file

7. "Differential piston angular anisoplanatism for astronomical optical interferometers"
S. Esposito, A. Riccardi, & B. Femenía, 2000, Astronomy &.Astrophysics, 353, pp. L29-L32.

8. "Application of the OS-EM method to the restoration of LBT images"
M. Bertero and P. Boccacci, 2000 Astronomy & Astrophysics Supplement Series, in press
gzip'd Postscript file (102 kB)



1. A 315-Inch f/1.00 Telescope for the Columbus Project:
Preliminary f/2.00 Epps Focus Optical Design Study
Harland W. Epps
University of California, Los Angeles
(June 1987)

2. Direct Drive Motor Design Study for the University of Arizona
Steward Observatory
Sierracin Magnedyne

3. Transcription of Audio Comments of Enclosure Flow Visualization Video Tapes produced by University of Washington in 1990
(Transcribed by LaFlame) (July & August 1994)

4. Optical Metrology for Two Large Highly Aspheric Telescope Mirrors
S. C. West, J. H. Burge, R. S. Young, D. S. Anderson, C. Murgive, D. A. Ketelsen, and H. M. Martin, Applied Optics 31, 7191, 1992.

5. The Large Binocular Telescope: a unique scientific and technology precursor to Planet Finder.
Roger Angel and Neville Woolf
Published in, "Planets Beyond the Solar System and the Next Generation of Space Missions," ed. David Soderblom, Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series #119, 1997.

6. "Technique for combining incoherent interferometric images,"
E. K. Hege, J. C. Christou, S. M. Jefferies and M. Cheselka
JOSA, 16, p. 1745, July 1999.
Compressed postscript file (482kB)

7. "Thermal Performance Enhancement of Adaptive Optics by Use of a Deformable Secondary Mirror,"
Michael Lloyd-Hart
Pub. Astron. Soc. Pacific, 112, 264-272, February 2000.
(electronic journal link)

8. "The Large Binocular Telescope - an interferometer for wide-field Fizeau imaging and Bracewell nulling",
Roger Angel
proceedings of the Interferometry Workshop at UCSC, 15 October 2000
Powerpoint file (8 MB)


Columbus Instrument Definition Team (IDT) Reports

IRIM ID Draft Introduction
Atwood (1-3-90)

OPIM ID Draft Introduction
Atwood (1-9-90)

IRSP ID Draft Introduction
Atwood (1-23-90)

OPSP ID Draft Introduction
Atwood (1-30-90)


Atmospheric Dispersion Effects in the Visible and Near Infrared Bands
Bonaccini & Byard (4/90)

Reflections on OPSP over lunch
Hill (4-16-90)

OPIM - Optical Design Considerations
Byard, Bonaccini (5/90)

Optical Design of the First Light Instrumentation for the Columbus Telescope: The Optical Imager OPIM-A
Bonaccini, Byard (5/90)

Optical Imager Instrument Definition
Sperello di Serego Alighieri (5-15-90)

First Light Instrumentation for the Columbus 8m Telescope.
Preliminary Optical Design for a Cassegrain Spectrograph in the Visible: The Optical Spectrograph OPSP-A.
Byard, Bonaccini, Atwood (11/90)


LBT Baseline Reports

1. Proposed Baseline F/33 Optics 2/88

2. LBT Baseline Report
revised 2/91, 7/92, 12/92, 7/93, 1/94, 3/95
current 8/95