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ESO 1992

Proceedings of the ESO conference on Progress in Telescope and Instrumentation Technologies, held in Garching, Germany, ed. M-H. Ulrich, 1992.

1. Study of the Columbus Enclosure, p. 365
P. Salinari, C. Del Vecchio, L. Miglietta, J. M. Hill, W. Davison, and W. Gallieni

2. Finite Element Analysis of the Columbus Telescope Project Elevation Structure, p. 79
C. Del Vecchio, W. Davison, J. M. Hill, and R. Gatti

3. A FEA Optimization Procedure for Improving Structural Performances, p. 83
C. Del Vecchio

4. Layout Study of the Columbus Telescope M1 Cell, p. 211
L. Miglietta, W. Davison, C. Del Vecchio, W. Gallieni, J. M. Hill, F. Paulli, and P. Salinari

5. Supporting the 8.4m Honeycomb Mirrors of Columbus, p. 301
G. Parodi, J. M. Hill, and P. Salinari

6. Air-Air Ejector for Large Mirrors Temperature Control: Numerical
Simulations and Experimental Data, p. 361
L. Miglietta

7. The Casting of the 6.5m Borosilicate Mirror for the MMT Conversion, p. 57
J. M. Hill and J. R. P. Angel

8. Stress-Lap Polishing of 1.8-m f/1 and 3.5-m f/1.5 Primary Mirrors, p. 169
H. M. Martin, D. S. Anderson, J. R. P. Angel, J. H. Burge, W. B. Davison, S. T. DeRigne, B. B. Hille, D. A. Ketelsen, W. C. Kittrell, R. McMillan, R. H. Nagel, T. J. Trebisky, S. C. West, and R. S. Young

9. Facilities and Techniques for Finishing 8-M Mirrors at the Steward Observatory Mirror Lab, p. 261
H. M. Martin, J. R. P. Angel, J. H. Burge, W. B. Davison, S. T. DeRigne, S. C. West, and R. S. Young

10. Design and Analysis of Null Test Optics for Large Aspheric Mirrors, p. 273
J. H. Burge

11. Studies of Some Aspects of Aluminizing Large Astronomical Mirrors, p. 265
B. Atwood and B. A. Sabol

12. Columbus Telescopes First Light Instrumentation: Optical Spectrometer for the f/5 and f/15 Foci, p. 689
B. Atwood, P. Byard, and D. Bonaccini

13. Columbus Telescopes First Light Instrumentation: Two Optical Designs for Small Field Correcting Optics, p. 653
P. Byard, D. Bonaccini, and B. Atwood

14. Three Elements Wide Field Correctors for the f/5 Focus of the 8.4m Columbus Telescope: Optical Designs, p. 657
D. Bonaccini

15. Optical Sensing of Infrared Wavefronts for Adaptive Control: A New CCD Detector and MMT Experiments, p. 453
D. Wittman, R. Angel, M. Lloyd-Hart, D. Colucci, and D. McCarthy

16. Sub-tenth Arcsecond Imaging with the Multiple Mirror Telescope, p. 493
M. Lloyd-Hart, D. Wittman, D. Colucci, B. McLeod, R. Dekany, R. Angel, D. McCarthy, and P. Wizinowich

ESO 1988

Proceedings of the ESO conference on Very Large Telescopes and Their Instrumentation, held at Garching, Federal Republic of Germany, ed. M. H. Ulrich, 1988.

1. Columbus Project Overview, p. 29
P. A. Strittmatter

2. Columbus Project: The Mechanical Structure of the Telescope, p. 209
P. Salinari

3. 8 m Borosilicate Honeycomb Mirrors, p. 281
J. R. P. Angel

4. Finite Element Analysis of Honeycomb Mirrors, p. 451
G. Ballio, G. Parodi, P. Salinari, L. Fini, O. Citterio, R. Angel, L. Goble and J. Hill

5. Thermal Stabilization of Honeycomb Mirrors, p. 467
A. Y. S. Cheng and J. R. P. Angel

6. A Demonstration of Aspheric Polishing with a Full Size Stressed Lap, p. 363
P. Wizinowich and J. R. P. Angel

7. Taking the Telescope's Temperature, p. 845
N. J. Woolf and A. Cheng

8. Instruments Planned for the Columbus Project, p. 1045
Richard Kron

9. A Method for Phase Shifting Interferometry in the Presence of Vibration, p. 561
J. R. P. Angel and P. Wizinowich

10. A Possible Spectrograph Design for the Columbus 11.3-m Telescope, p. 1217
B. Atwood and P. Byard

11. Axial Force Actuators for Active Control of Large Primary Mirrors, p. 515
O. Citterio, A. Ascione, U. Bergamini, L. Cereda and D. Garegnani

12. Seeing on Mt. Graham: Discoveries and Site-to-Site Variations, p. 917
R. Cromwell, V. Haemmerle and N. Woolf

13. Columbus Project Facility Concept, p. 881
W. Davison

14. Handling and Storing Problems of Instruments and Optics Supports In Columbus Building, p. 889
W. Gallieni, R. Gatti and R. Villa

15. Study of the Supports for the Optics and Cassegrain Instruments, p. 525
W. Gallieni, R. Gatti and R. Villa

16. Use of an Actively Stressed Lap to Polish a 1.8m f/1 Paraboloid, p. 353
H. M. Martin, J. R. P. Angel and A. Y. S. Cheng

17. Interferometry with the Columbus Telescope: Design Considerations Based on MMT Experience and Imaging Simulations, p.787
D. W. McCarthy Jr., E. K. Hege, J. D. Freeman, D. R. Blanco, J. C. Sjogren, C. C. Janes, J. W. Montgomery, S. B. Shaklan

18. Structural Study of the Columbus Telescope, p. 225
B. A. Schrefler, C. E. Maiorana, G. Zavarise, C. Del Vecchio

Tokyo Symposium

(Paper presented at the Symposium on the JNLT and Related Engineering Developments, Tokyo, November 29-December 2, 1988 and published in Astrophysics and Space Science, 160, pp. 55-70, 1989).

1. Recent Progress on the Columbus Project and the Mirror Laboratory Program
J. R. P. Angel, J. M. Hill, H. M. Martin and P. A. Strittmatter