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Image Restoration Methods for LBT web page in Italy
LBT-SCIDAR web page at MPIA

Instrument Web Pages:

Instrument 2
MODS optical spectrograph web page at OSU

Instrument 4
Large Binocular Camera for prime focus web page at Monte Porzio

DInstrument 6
AGW acquisition, guiding, wavefront unit web page at Potsdam

Instrument 1
Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer (LBTI)

IInstrument 3
LUCIFER infrared spectrograph web page at LSW

Instrument 5
PEPSI instrument web page at AIP

Instrument 7
LINC-Nirvana instrument
web page at MPIA

The LBT Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has developed the following list of observational priorities (in no particular order) to guide the telescope design:

● Interferometric Imaging 0.4 to 400 microns
● Infrared Imaging / Photometry 2.0 to 30 microns
● Wide Field Multi-object Spectroscopy 0.3 to 1.6 microns
● Faint Object / Long Slit Spectroscopy 0.3 to 30 microns
● High Resolution Spectroscopy 0.3 to 30 microns


In 1991, the SAC envisioned the following list of facility instruments which will be implemented on the baseline telescope. Those marked with an asterisk will be the first ones available.

● Optical direct imager *
● Optical interferometric imager
● Faint object optical spectrograph *
● High resolution optical spectrograph
● Near infrared camera *
● Medium resolution infrared spectrograph *
● Thermal infrared imager and spectrograph


Recently the list of highest priority instruments has been further narrowed.

● Optical/UV spectrograph(s)
● Near infrared spectrograph(s)
● Infrared beam combiner

Working Groups

Following the LBT SAC meeting in October 1998 and the LBT Board meeting in November 1998, Working Groups were formed to further refine the instrument concepts and proposals for the facility instruments:

● LBT Optical/UV Spectrograph
● LBT Near Infrared Spectrograph
● LBT Interferometry Working Group
● LBT Adaptive Optics Working Group
● LBT Wide Field Imaging Working Group

The working groups were charged to report back to the SAC at its May 1999 meeting.